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About bird's nests in indonesia

methaem 3359 views 2017-06-26 00:22:53

I got some questions 1.Which areas/provinces in Indonesia that produces bird nest? 2.Can bird nest be exported from Indonesia? 3. Any export licenses innolved in exporting bird nest from Indonesia? 4. Whay is the rate for export tariffs for bird nest from Indonesia? 5. What are the document required for bird nests export processes? Thanks
Answer by username1 2016-09-13 03:39:18

In Indonesia, Bird’s nest and royal jelly are animal products that are usually used as supplements for health and beauty, which is under HS 0410 category, the export value was dominated by bird’s nest at almost 99.5%. The bird's nest that will be exported from Indonesia must meet the following requirements: 1. Have met the selection process, washing, cleaning from dirt, heating at minimum temperature of 70o C at least for 3.5 seconds 2. Wrapped in packaging and labeled in the Indonesian, English, and Chinese languages containing at least information such as: a. Name and weight of the product b. Registration number and name of the manufacturer or swiftlet breeders c. Name, address, registration number of the manufacturer d. Storage requirements e. Date of production f. Veterinary Control Number (NKV) g. Other relevant information. Only a company that has gained recognition as an ETSBW from the Trade Ministry can export bird's nest.