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Clear mandate and management structure essential for MGE

Published June 15, 2017

By Thompson Chau @ The Myanmar Times

The Natural Resource Governance Institute has published a report Governing the Gemstone Sector: Lessons from Global Experience in which Myanmar’s state-owned enterprise is featured as a case study.

The report considers how countries may improve management of their gemstone resources, offers lessons from international experience and recommends policy options for governments interested in enhancing their sector’s governance. It names four key issues affecting the sector globally: widespread illegal activity, low revenue collection, minimal value addition and weak oversight.

“Myanmar is one of the world’s leading producers of coloured gemstones, but lags behind many other countries in implementing a coherent, effective, and transparent system for governing the sector,” Paul Shortell, associate at the NRGI, told The Myanmar Times.

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Gemstone value chain. Graphic - Natural Resource Governance Institute
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