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Dept in big push for SMEs to embrace e-commerce platforms

Published May 14, 2019

WITH a budget of Bt1.28 billion, the Ministry of Industry’s Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) aims to generate a business value of Bt13 billion in 2019 through bringing traditional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) onto e-commerce platforms and boosting the country’s startup ecosystem through Thailand Inno Space – the ministry’s flagship project.

Under the policy ‘From Local to Global by Marketing Innovation’, we aim to work with up to 57,000 SMEs throughout the year to empower them with the knowledge of how to increase their product value and survive in the digital technology by utilising e-commerce platforms,” DIP director-general, Kobchai Sungsitthisawad, yesterday told a press conference

SMEs can now come to the DIP to seek advice on how to increase their online presence and shift from traditional stores to selling their products on e-commerce platforms, he said. The DIP will “coach” SMEs on the necessity of having an online presence in today’s market, increase their online presence through helping them create a website and Facebook account and, eventually, through helping establish an e-commerce account, Kobchai said.

There are two key challenges in helping traditional SMEs shift to e-commerce. First, there are many competing e-commerce platforms that SMEs will have to get acquainted with. Second, e-commerce platforms may charge an entry fee of up to Bt50,000. Many SMEs still do not fully understand the opportunities that e-commerce bring, and hence some of them do not think that the fee is a worthwhile investment,” the director-general told reporters during a sideline interview.

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Kobchai Sungsitthisawad, director-general of Ministry of Industry’s Department of Industrial Promotion
Created at 2019-05-16 00:51:55