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Kayah State: Striving with developmental opportunities

Published APR 26, 2019
By Global New Light of Myanmar

Kayah State has the potential for extensive development in the hotels and tourism sector because of the beautiful and green forests, spectacular mountain views, gorgeous rivers, and abundant waterfalls.

Kayah State, also known as Kandayawady and the land of silver mountain, is home to the Kayah, Kayan (Padaung), Yinbaw, Geko, Lahta (Zayein), Kayaw, Geba, Yantale, and the Kawyawmonu (Manumanaw) ethnic races who share the land with the Bamar, Kayin, Shan, PaO and Intha ethnic races.

Kayah State has springs, waterfalls, natural caves, and picturesque scenery. It also has the Sinpyu Mountain, Hoya, Biya Region’s viewpoints from high altitude that offers a view of the mist and clouds enveloping the mountain edges. The lush forests surrounding the land is also a heritage bestowed by nature.

Kayah State has a total area of 4,529.563 square miles and measures 102 miles from north to south and 70 miles from east to west. The 2014 Census shows 286,627 people make up the state’s population. There are two districts, seven townships and three cities in Kayah State.

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Kayah State officials welcome Myanmar citizens returning from Thailand.
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