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KBZ join hands with PTTOR in Retail Business Development

Published June 10, 2019
By @elevenmyanmar

YANGON-With the aim to build oil storage terminal and Retail Business Development, Brighter Energy Company and Brighter Energy Retail Company under KBZ Group signed a contract with Thai State-owned PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Co;Ltd (PTTOR) at Lotte Hotel in Yangon yesterday.

The development of an Oil Terminal includes procurement of fuel products, jetty management, oil storage building, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling plants and retail of petroleum products

The oil storage terminal will become the largest in Myanmar and can store one million petroleum barrels and 4,500 metric tons of LPG simultaneously.

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KBZ group and PTTOR sign for Oil and Retail Business at Lotte Hotel in Yangon, 9th June 2019.
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