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Authorities urged to take action against growing zero-dollar tourism

Published June 12, 2019
By ZEYAR HEIN @mmtimes

The proliferation of zero-dollar tourism, sometimes known as zero-budget tourism, is prompting calls for action against such operations, which are largely run by Chinese nationals for tourists from China.

Such tours have become a bane to the tourism industry of the region, with a crackdown by the Thai government in recent years highlighting the abuses of zero-dollar tourism. Popular destinations such as Jeju, South Korea and Bali, Indonesia have also been hit by such scams, which often involved coercing tourists to buy lesser quality souvenirs at higher prices.

Zero-dollar tourism began expanding after Myanmar eased visa requirements for visitors from China by allowing them to get visas on arrival for a period of one year from the beginning of last October to the end of this September to boost tourism.

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Tourists from China visit the Bogyoke Market in Yangon. Shin Moe Myint/The Myanmar Times
Created at 2019-06-16 21:59:28