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Fishery Producers Call for Reduction on Duration of Fishing Bans

Published July 23, 2019

Unlike previous years, the government has completely banned fishing along Myanmar’s coastal area between June and August. U Tun Sein, the General Secretary of Myanmar Fish Paste, Dried Fish, Fish Sauce Entrepreneurs Association, said that the ban is causing a hardship on those in the industry because there is no a very limited supply of raw materials.

He said: “While the ban has no impact on business owners, it causes trouble for workers who are depending on the industry for their kids and their kids’ education. Therefore, we want to request that the government only hold the ban in force for two months instead of three next year. This year, the government placed a complete ban for three months, which has caused problems for the industry.”

Back in 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation started placing bans on fishing in certain areas in order to preserve the volume of fish and protect endangered species.

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